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Few events in life are more difficult than a divorce or child custody battle... we'll help you get through the process.
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Family Law Blog

Mary Stearns-Montgomery shares more than 25 years of Atlanta legal experience as she writes about important issues impacting families and family law today. Topics include diverse subjects such as the economy, saving marriages, healthcare, parental alienation. Click here to visit Mary's blog. 

Child Support Calculator Online



Family Support Registry - For Child Support and Income Deduction Orders

  • For Employer Payments: Georgia Family Support Registry  P.O. Box 1800  Carrollton, GA 30112-1800
  • For Defendant Payments: Georgia Family Support Registry  P.O. Box 1800  Carrollton, GA 30112-1800
  • Telephone: (866) 836-6434 Facsimile (to fax orders): (770) 836-2701

Metro Atlanta Divorcing Parents' Seminar Websites  & Phone Numbers